by Ann Jacobs

December 2002
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Love Slave, by Ann Jacobs, gives us the taste of days past, when women were subservient slaves and men ruled their world.

Shanna Green is a young college student, with a very adult fantasy! Shanna attends school in Texas, and after meeting her brother’s foreign exchange student, football buddy “Bear”, she’s head over heels in lust! She can’t stop thinking about the sexy Kuwaiti. Shanna wants to play the part of an houri in a harem, or if I may be so crass, a sex slave. She wants her brother’s friend and fellow teammate, Dahoud el Rashid, to be her Sultan of swing so to speak! Dahoud or “Bear” as his friends call him, fantasizes about Shanna too, and he’s prepared to take her fantasy to the extreme!

Harems are pretty much a thing of the past, but Bear desires Shanna enough to hire a few eunuchs, arrange a fantasy harem and whisk Shanna off on his private jet to his palace in Kuwait. A splash of cold reality slaps Shanna in the face when she realizes she’s not the only houri on the block! It would seem Bear has gone all out and hired other women to play the part of houris in his harem, hoping Shanna will appreciate his authenticity! I had to giggle at the lack of Shanna’s research; certainly a harem suggests more than one woman! The couple is unprepared for the depth of their emotions, and struggle with the idea that like all good fantasies this one must come to an end!

Shanna soon finds that she and Bear are falling in love; coming from two different cultures, can they breach the gap without clashing?

There was no slow going about this from beginning to end, and it was over for this reader before she had the chance to catch her breath! I would have liked a little less insatiable lust, and more conversation between the two; a life long plan was hatched before much sensible conversation was accomplished! The dialogue got downright silly sometimes, making the waters choppy. Still the imaginative plot and distant locale kept me reading. Harems, bellybutton adornments, and some curry on the side spice up Love Slave!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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