by Margo Maguire

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-125637-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Isle of Coruain, 981

Merrick Mac Loclainn must journey to 19th century England to recover a magical stone that was the only hope of defeating the evil sorceress Eilinora. Merrick’s cousin, Ana, a powerful Druzai priestess gave him only this clue; search for “Keating” and he would find the stone. Making the daring voyage through the time portal, Merrick arrives in the Tuath lands of 1826 England. Sickened by his time leap, but nevertheless determined to complete his mission, (for his people’s future depends on it), Merrick comes across a comely lass about to be assaulted by highway thieves. Knowing he must intervene, Merrick jumps into the fray to save her, only to receive a nasty blow to his head. When he awakens he can remember nothing, and stares up at the gorgeous blond woman who claims he is her husband!

Jenny Keating has spent the last decade at the mercy of the perverted Reverend Usher, headmaster of the Bresland School. Dumped there by her aunt and uncle after the death of her parents, Jenny has withstood abuse at the hands of Usher, and was witness to his many crimes, yet remained silent in order to stay out of the poor house. Jenny has a way out of her dreadful situation when a teaching position is offered. However upon packing to leave Bresland, Jenny discovers her precious locket, the only thing she has left of her family, is gone. Jenny’s missing roommate must be the culprit, and Jenny quickly makes a detour to follow her. Attacked by thieves, Jenny is saved by a handsome Scotsman. The Scotsman has amnesia as a result of the fight. To make them both safe, Jenny tells the band of Gypsies that takes them in that the man is “Matthew” her husband!

Temptation of the Warrior by hot romance author Margo Maguire is the highly anticipated sequel to A Warrior’s Taking and completes the tale of the Mac Loclainn brothers and their quest to find the Brigha stones. Merrick/Matthew is one kickass warrior, but with amnesia and being out of his own time period he needs to rely on his “wife” Jenny to guide the way. Many plot twists and turns are fraught in this tale, but stay with it, the outcome is sure to please the avid Margo Maguire fan.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Bonnie.

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