by Dawn MacTavish

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5981-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Marshalsea Prison,

London, England, 1812

Owing her late father’s multitude of gambling debts, Lady Lark Eddington has been thrown into the Marshalsea, one of the most notorious of London’s prisons. “Luxuries” would depend on how much blunt Lark gave the conniving jailer, and Lark had very little left aside from the rags on her back. Lark would somehow survive, but on Lark’s very first day in this hellish hole, she is set upon by a trio of shrews who steal her meager belongings! Lark becomes embroiled with them in a struggle to gain back her things. When a strong hand reaches down to help her up, Lark gazes up at the imposing figure of a tall, broad shouldered man with one eye which seemed to penetrate its gaze right into her very soul!

Basil “King” Kingston, Earl of Grayshire, and heroic veteran of England’s Admiralty, was on a mission within the walls of Marshalsea. He had to find a suitable companion for his “difficult” mother. King was to fulfill her philanthropic desire to help an unfortunate soul out of this cesspit. Seeing the brawl in the courtyard, King goes to aid the young girl with the blonde ringlets. This is no ordinary down-on-their luck inmate; she is clearly gently bred. King pays Lark’s bond and takes her to his town house where he lays aside his growing attraction to the lovely Lark and tells of his plan for her to be his mother’s companion.

Lark was guarded of what her savior wanted but after hearing him out, agrees to his offer. Could Lark’s luck have finally changed? The handsome mysterious earl is everything Lark would have desired if not for her misfortune, and the earl’s clearly stated plans to wed another hurts even though Lark knows it shouldn’t. After one taste of heaven in each others arms will that be enough? The perilous duty King still owes to the crown as a privateer awaits him, and he must choose between his devotion to his people of Cornwall and his new love for Lark.

The Privateer is one of author Dawn MacTavish’s, (aka Dawn Thompson) last works. Sadly to say this multitalented historical and paranormal romance artist died just after the publication of this book. This was a great read from start to finish full of vibrant characters, which include a hunky hero, a beautiful down but not out heroine, reprehensible villains, and the best of all, King’s mum who steals the show, I loved it!

Reviewed in March 2008 by Bonnie.

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