by Joey W. Hill

December 2002
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Meg was a lost soul, troubled with deeds she could never forgive herself for, sure she was destined to remain alone, looking in on life instead of living it.

But one day in a dress shop, with a wisp of silk, a stranger changes her life in a manner she never would have expected. In a wild, erotic way, he awakens her passion and brings her to life again, something she had never thought possible. He makes her see the world through different eyes, to realize that life is not for suffering, but for enjoying.

Joey Hill, if she didn`t, should have won an award for this book. I just loved it. The characters were wonderful, and Daniel just melted my heart and made me tear up. Meg on the other hand, was somewhat frustrating when trying to get through the story in the beginning. She would clam up when she started to speak, be afraid of repercussions if she spoke her mind. But then I found out why she was the way she was. And once the past had been revealed, the character was instantly redeemed.

This is a wonderful story and I recommend to anyone that loves a good story, even if they don`t like erotica because Miss Hill has woven a beautiful tale for the erotica genre while not making sex the forefront of it, there is a real story here.

Be sure to pick this one up next time you visit Ellora`s Cave!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Lucy.

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