by Robin Jones Gunn

May 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59052-755-9
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Trade Paperback

When Liz and Kellie meet at their usual coffee house, they have no idea their life is about to change. The older woman who enters the coffee house right before Liz heads straight for Kellieís table and sits down, promptly hiring Kellie to decorate her apartment. Kellie has always dreamed of owning her own interior decorating firm, and it doesnít take much into talking her into taking the job.

When Kellie (with Lizís help) finishes decorating Opalís apartment, she rewards them with a couple of airline tickets to England. Opal wants to go back to visit her sister, and wants Kellie and Liz to accompany her on this first leg of the journey.

Liz and Kellie agree to let God lead their vacation in England, and it turns out to be more than either of them has ever dreamed. A pancake race, hot air balloon ride, and questioning by police, serve to liven things up a bit. And a big surprise awaits when they get back home...

I love the Sisterchick series, and hope that there are more being planned to follow this one. SisterChicks Go Brit! is like a minivacation to Great Britian, complete with your own personal tour guide.

I love Liz and Kellie and their sense of adventure. The faith message is expertly woven in, and is strong. The setting is impeccable and wonderfully described. The story grabbed me on line one and held my attention all the way through. I didnít get much else done today, except for reading! And after finishing this book, I am definitely ready for a spot of tea and some scones, fresh from the oven. Care to join me? Pictures of Robinís trip to England, discussion questions, and a chapter from Robinís devotional, Take Flight, are included at the end. Donít miss SisterChicks Go Brit! It is exceptional.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Laura.

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