by Katherine Sutcliffe

November 1997
ISBN: 0-515-12678-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Childhood sweethearts Leah Starr and Johnny Whitehorse had nothing in common, as both came from separate backgrounds. Her father was a senator, his a proud horse trainer wronged by her father.

Now years later, Johnny is more than the town bad boy, he`s a Hollywood star and determined to show Leah he`s better than she thought and bring her power-hungry father to the dust.

Leah has returned to her small hometown as a vet and single mother of a disabled son, plagued by memories of a terrible deception that she`s carried with her all this time.

Can the love that held tore them apart years ago now bring them together?

This story gives heart wrenching a whole new dimension. Johnny is a troubled man with a broken heart that never really went away. There`s nothing I love more than a bad boy with a soft spot for the woman of his dreams. He has other women, knows other women, but he only wants Leah, who had just about murdered him when she had ended their young relationship.

Leah`s past was something that I can`t make my mind up on. She married another man, had his child, all the while thinking about Johnny, and the life they could have had together. I didn`t like that she had married another man while wondering what had happened to Johnny, while missing Johnny. But that`s just something that makes the characters more real, in my opinion. She made a mistake and paid for it dearly.

But yes, I would recommend this book, just make sure you have a good supply of tissues around, it`s a real tear jerker.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Lucy.

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