by Loretta Chase

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-123124-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Francesca Bonnard is one of the most sought after women in Europe. Since her divorce from her despicable ex-husband she has remade herself into an independent self-reliant woman. As one of the most popular courtesans in Europe, Francesca has earned a measure of freedom from societyís rigid rules. At the same time she taunts her ex-husband with the powerful connections she has made. No man will ever break her heart again for Francesca never intends to give it into anotherís keeping.

James Cordier has risked his life for king and country for years and, frankly, he is sick of it. But before he can return to London and begin his search for the fresh-faced maiden he intends to settle down with, he must retrieve some damning letters from Francesca Bonnard that incriminate her ex-husband in high treason. James didnít expect to like Francesca let alone be wildly attracted to her, which makes deceiving her excruciating. However, James isnít the only one after those letters and the search is becoming deadly.

Loretta Chaseís incomparable wit and style will entertain you in Your Scandalous Ways. Loyal fans and newcomers will definitely enjoy this story of two fallen souls who rise to the occasion and find love in the bargain. Go. Buy. Read.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Cynthia.

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