by Mary Burton

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-4201-0026-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Zack Kier, police detective and a recovering alcoholic, has been separated from his wife, Lindsay OíNeil for a year now. One night too many of drinking and she kicks him out, hoping it will make him realize that he really needs to get his life back on track. If he does will they be able to work things out? Why would Lindsay react to this? What in her past makes her react this way?

Lindsay runs a local womanís shelter but when her stalker brings too much attention to the safe place that protects other woman and children, she is put on paid leave. In Lindsayís eyes she feels as if she has been fired. She has put her heart and soul into the shelter. Who is this person and why is he killing people that he thinks are a threat to Lindsay? How far will Zack go to protect his wife? Will Lindsay work with Zack or fight him every step of the way? When this is over will they be able to work their personal things out?

Does Lindsay's former college roommate have anything to do with it? She is in hiding with Lindsayís help and someone is looking for her. How will this affect everything? What about Zack's partner, could it be someone he knows? Will his partner get over his own personal ideas of a recovering alcoholic and give him the respect he deserves?

Mary Burton has written a great mystery with a touch of romance in Iím Watching You. The romantic part of this book is very touching and tender. I would love to see the secondary characters in another book and keep things going for Lindsay and Zack. This is one of those books that you hate to have end but love how it ends. Itís a keeper for me! I will not share my copy so you will have to buy your own. Be prepared to enjoy every page

Reviewed in March 2008 by Theresa.

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