by Katherine Kingston

December 2002
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Binding Passion whisks you off to the year 1345 England. A gentle tale of slowly simmered passion, healing and the power of love!

Sir Philip de MontCharles, the new Baron of Alderwood, has earned his title by forfeit. When the previous Baron was killed leaving Alderwood without a Lord and no heirs to be found, the King of England bequeaths Philip the castle. Philip is unwanted at Alderwood, and the servants have been making that crystal clear! Practical jokes are being played on Philip, and he aims to find out who’s doing it. When Philip catches two of his servants in the middle of their shenanigans, he sets out to make an example of them to assert his authority! Philip orders there will be a penance for the servant’s misdeeds, a whipping will take place, and he’s doing the whipping!

Philip meets the fine Lady Mary Alderwood in a rather unique fashion; after soundly whipping her! Enter Lady Mary Alderwood, practical joker extraordinaire; whose been disguising herself as a boy while torturing the new Lord of the Manor! Mary having been brutalized by the previous Baron, Sir Benwyke of Cryll, doesn’t want a new Lord of the manor. Mary’s parents are dead, and her brother Sir William lost the battle for the manor to the wicked Benwyck, and she’s not willing to lose her home to another cruel master. When Philip finds out she’s a full-grown woman, he regrets his ire, and offers her his hand in marriage. Mary very politely declines, claiming her experiences with Benwyck have scarred her, and she cannot bear a man’s touch. However, Mary has something Philip wants, she knows how to run the manor efficiently with which Phillip sorely needs help. A disgrace will occur if they live together in the manor unmarried, so Philip challenges her to accept his offer on the premise that he might woo her, and win her affections! A time limit of one year and a day is set, leaving Philip an inordinate amount of time to cajole the fair Mary.

There begins a slow, gentle tale of seduction. Sweet, and genuine are the attentions Philip lavishes upon Mary. He is considerate with Mary, and patient knowing she’s been traumatized. Mary takes a very realistic, and noteworthy approach to the gallant Philip’s perseverance. There was no wringing of the hands for Mary, while she was slow going, it made perfect sense in light of her past sexual experiences. She kept her options open like most smart girls should. Mary didn’t allow herself to be rushed, but was fully open to the idea that a man and woman can have a pleasurable intimate relationship. Philip treasures Mary, and cherishes his opportunity to cultivate a deep, mutually fulfilling bond between them. A friendship evolves, while they work side by side to rebuild the manor, then followed by love, timely and gloriously written. This was a true departure from the norm for this particular genre; the ride was slow but steady, smooth sailing with a gentle breeze softly blowing, putting wind in your sails.

Kudos to Ms. Kingston for addressing issues common in this era, with warmth understanding, and depth of character, a well written, fluid journey to a time of good breeding and elegance! This reader was swept away by Binding Passion!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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