by Bonnie Tucker and Jennifer LaBrecque

November 2001
ISBN: 0-373-44130-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #64
Mass Market Paperback

Rosey O’Leary has a thing for a fine looking tush and it gets her into an accident by looking at one. Only the one she was admiring was attached to someone she didn’t like, even though she had never met the man. Daniel Sullivan was trying to take away what was rightfully hers, Mandelay, but Dan thought it was his to do with as he felt. They both thought the property belong to them being handed down from their great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather.

Daniel wanted to tear down Mandelay and put up a housing development. The mansion was falling apart and he was not keeping it. But Rosey had other ideas, like a restraining order and whatever else she could come up with to keep him from the site.

The problem was neither of them had the deed to the house and land. So who actually owned the land? They are in a search for the deed as well as falling in love. How could Rosey not love the man attached to that fine looking tush? But they both have different views on how Mandelay should be; will they be able to come up with a compromise?

A Rosey Little Christmas is a fantastic story. It deals with how two people who are completely opposite can and do fall in love; and how they deal with their surroundings and feelings for one another and what they value the most. The setting is that of a small town where everyone knows everything that is happening in the town and the people all know each other, a quaint little community.

Jingle Bell Bride? is also a fascinating story. On her wedding day, Delia “Dilly” Fitzgerald hears why her groom-to-be wants to marry her. You will have to read the story and find out what it was. I am not telling as that is part of the plot of the story. Well she would not be bought by him or anyone else so she leaves, getting in the limousine and goes to her honeymoon by herself.

Well, not by herself per se but with the handsome limo driver, Mick Macdougal, who just happened to be filling in for his brother. Mick knew he was in trouble when only the bride jumped in and said drive, then hired him to stay with her, not as her lover though, just someone to talk to.

The attraction between Dilly and Mick is there from the start when she jumps into the limo. The only problem is that they are trying to deny those feelings, as they had to share a room, not what Dilly wanted at all. Can the feelings be denied for long when two people sexually and emotionally attracted to each share a room? Especially when friends, parents and ex-fiancées show up also. Can these two who have different responsibilities meet somewhere in the middle?

Both stories kept me turning page after page to find out what would happen next. A Rosey Little Christmas/Jingle Bell Bride? are both well written and kept a smile on my face. These are both the first stories that I have read by both authors, but they will definitely not be the last. I will be looking for more from both of these authors.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Pam.