by Megan Hart

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-346-0
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Twenty-eight year old Sarah Lazin sees Mr. Drop Dead Alex Caine at her sister Rivka’s art show, but despite her immediate attraction to him, she’s had enough of handsome men. Pretty boys don’t date plain girls like her. Her ex, William, taught her that painful lesson when after almost a year of dating, he dumped her, telling her she wasn’t enough for him and that he was tired of doing her the favor of dating her.

Restaurateur, Alex Caine is bored with overly glamorous women who are incapable of holding a decent conversation. He wants someone who can hold his attention with more than a tight sweater. Sarah Lazin, with her ice-blue eyes and deliciously full lips, is exactly what he needs, a rare combination of brains and beauty.

The fact the two seemingly have nothing in common sets the stage for a parting of the ways until Sarah and Alex both become partners in Rivka’s new gallery. Working together to ensure the success of the art venture, Alex and Sarah succumb to their feelings for each other and begin a highly passionate romance, but when both people come from two altogether different pasts, the future can be hard to plan. Can Sarah come to grips with her own insecurity and see her own beauty or will she allow the cruel intentions of others to destroy her happiness?

Nothing in Common is a splendid love affair, sprinkled with light, delicious kisses of humor. From Sarah’s empathic insecurities to Alex’s surprising revelations about love, the leading characters and dialogue are real and seductive. The supporting figures, the passionate Rivka and her exuberant husband Mick, the young but wise Emma, and the delightfully charming Darren, who can never be paid what he is worth, are a glorious addition to the cast. Together, they inflate the story with powerful gushes of warmth and joy.

Exploding in highly stimulating bursts of exquisite penmanship, the lovemaking scenes are spectacularly written. The words are so arousing it’s impossible not to feel as though you’re peeping through someone’s window viewing something unreal yet so totally desired.

While reading this novel, I did four things. 1) I smiled. 2) I laughed. 3) I cried. And 4) I looked at my husband and pretended his name was Alex.

An efficient waiter serves his guests so well that they leave the restaurant with their hunger sated and pleasurable memories of a fantastic evening. A remarkable painter takes something old from the world and transforms it into something vividly new and exciting. A diva of romance writes a heart-tugging novel, which captivates from page one and takes readers on an emotional awe-inspiring journey. Megan Hart is a true diva of romance.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Natasha.

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