by Marianne Mancusi

March 2008
ISBN: 978-0-505-52749-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Maddy Madison is tired of producing lightweight, fluff pieces for News 9, but a TV news producer's job is to get ratings for the station, not to be innovative. Suddenly, Maddie's life and career path are altered when she is offered a promotion to be an investigative producer. She will get to do more substantial stories, even if it means dealing with Terrance Tolliver, the long-time, self-absorbed news anchor. On a real plus side she is partnered with the handsome new photographer, Jamie Hayes.

Unfortunately, Jamie Hayes is engaged and due to be married in few months. His fiancee' is back in Los Angeles where Jamie once was in the movie business. Maddy is very attracted to Jamie, but figures his days working with her in San Diego are numbered. Maddy and Jamie become closer than co-workers as they become immersed in a serious story that could make both their careers or put them in peril.

Maddy is smart woman who has to deal with a lot of emotional baggage. Not only does she have job concerns, but her parents are splitting up their long marriage and she is caught in the middle. Jamie is a strong alpha male with his motorcycle, but is torn in his desire to do the right thing.

The narrative makes liberal use of emails, which make the plot move forward at a good pace and add more insight into the characters. The author builds the sexual tension between Maddy and Jamie perfectly. There is a blend of humor and suspense that makes News Blues a fast paced, fun read. The glib dialog brings the characters to life. Ms. Mancusi has been in news producing and lived in San Diego and this certainly gives the whole tale an authentic feel.

I have read several books by Ms. Mancusi and she always entertains me with her expert storytelling, no matter what genre she uses.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Roberta.

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