by Emma Holly

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22054-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Readers last saw Prince Pahndir in Emma Holly's Prince of Ice. He is back in his own story now, and this time, he is free. He is currently running a high-class brothel in the busy city of Bhamjran. Every fantasy one can desire can be explored at The Prince's Flame but unfortunately, for Pahndir, he cannot find his own desire. That is, until he spots two humans in the Bhamjran market. They catch his interest immediately and call to him in a way few humans or demons do.

Beth Philips is having the time of her life working on an archaeological dig with her good friend Charles. Beth knows she is not a typical woman of her time, willing to settle down and marry with no other excitement in her life. The dig is the perfect chance to explore a whole new world and Beth is enjoying every minute. She just wishes Charles would finally admit how he feels about her.

When they both fall under the spell of Pahndir, new desires emerge. Beth, Charles, and Pahndir are soon caught in a spell of lust, emotions, and burgeoning love. But little do they understand the danger they are in, particularly Pahndir. Will the demon who has suffered at the hands of others for years, who has lost his beloved wife, finally find two people who will love and cherish him as he longs?

Demon's Fire is a stunning and erotic story from Emma Holly. The joy and pain of love is explored through her characters with no emotion left uncovered. Pahndir, a mysterious character in Prince of Ice, emerges as a demon with many interesting personality traits to uncover. He may be Yama, a race who is very resolute, stoic, and shows no emotions, but when it comes to Beth and Charles, there is nothing Pahndir can hold back.

As with many Emma Holly stories, she does not hold back on anything sexual, so there are several male only love scenes. Fortunately, Emma Holly does not use sex gratuitously and instead, uses these moments of growing intimacy to further the plot or characters' growth.

Demon's Fire is a sexy, spicy, and poignant love story about a man who has all but given up on love. His journey back is everything wonderful one expects in an Emma Holly story.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Sarah.

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