by Eric Lerner

March 2008
ISBN: 978-0805082784
Reviewer Graphic Button Henry Holt and Company


Allan Pinkerton has hired his first female detective for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, Kate Warne, a young widow. She will become his confidante and his secret lover. Even though he is married, Allan can not seem to control his passion for Kate.

Kate comes up with a plan to make sure Lincoln arrives safe in Washington during his inaugural visit. They wind up saving his life with this complicated plan of hers. They set traps for spies who are working within the union government. They also establish the first secret service and send their best detectives deep undercover to the other side. While one hand is upholding the laws, the other hand of the agency is braking those same laws to achieve their goals.

The novel reads as Allan Pinkertonís memoirs. The adventures are endless, the romance is steaming hot, the characters are well formed and likable. The language was at times gritty, this is the reason for the low rating. History buffs will be reconnected with history they know. All in all a great endeavor by a talented author.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Pat.

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