by Sherri L. King

January 2003
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Bitten: Moonlust 2 is the sequel to Moonlust, and the caption at Ellora’s Cave claims you have to have read the first, to fully enjoy the second. While I admit to reading the first, I wholeheartedly disagree. I found the second installment just as pleasurable on its own! Forget tall, dark and handsome, ladies, try tall dark and hairy! (Only when the moon is full mind you!) These very intriguing, feral, seductive creatures enthrall me in a way I haven’t been in sometime.

We pick up where we left off with Ivan and Brianna deeply in love and expecting their first child, which gave this reader pause to reflect on a baby that is half human and half werewolf! Brianna’s Uncle Alexi’s company, Living Forest conservation has some issues that need Brianna’s attention immediately. Brianna is seven months pregnant, and in the wilds of Russia. Living Forest is in New York, and Brianna is in no condition to travel. Fear not, sexy Nikolai Tamit, the alpha male of Ivan’s pack decides he’s up for the commute cross country to take care of business. Nikolai feels compelled to go to New York, not only to help Brianna, but also to assuage the very disturbing feeling that something awaits him there.

Julia Thurman is a hotel clerk by day, and sculptor/painter by night. In her free time you can usually find her nose buried in a romance novel (wow, I’ve bonded!)! Julia longs for romance but considers herself too frumpy for the sort of man she desires. Then she gets a load of, I quote; “the drop dead, lip licking gorgeous” Nikolai! He just so happens to have a reservation at Julia’s hotel. This lusty couple had one of the most sinfully sensual introductions this reader has had in a long time! They are consumed by their mutual attraction; prompting Nikolai to invite the very overworked, underpaid Julia for dinner. Nikolai doesn’t think Julia is frumpy at all; to him she looks good enough to eat! Julia though stunned by Nikolai’s assessment, loves that he finds her inner beauty as appealing as her exterior!

Nikolai has a bit of a dilemma though; being in the city with the confinement of tall buildings has made him feel caged. He needs wide open spaces, and somehow he has to convince Julia that his penchant for raw meat, and a full moon have a whole new meaning where he’s concerned! Then there’s this little thing called “the change”, that is happening much too rapidly in Nikolai’s opinion. The moon isn’t full, but his body craves a lupine metamorphosis, very troubling for a werewolf in a big city full of humans! More troubling still is the idea that he might hurt Julia! Will Nikolai’s baser instincts consume him, or will he win the battle his body wages and mate with Julia for life?

Visually as well as mentally stimulating, the unrestrained passion that this couple shares is electrifying! Nikolai is volatile, and brash, yet sensitive and kind, he’s all alpha male! He frightens and puzzles Julia, yet he helps her find the daring, wanton woman inside. Julia doesn’t start out pathetic, but when allowed to spread her wings with Nikolai, she virtually soars! Nikolai encourages her love of painting, and praises her determined effort to become an artist! This reader found all the right elements in Nikolai - strong but tender, fierce yet loving!

A tip to all of you female readers: these lusty werewolves like their women on the voluptuous side, and that tickled me pink! No anorexic supermodels for these lusty lupines - I guess they like a little meat on a girl's bones! Topping that off, a werewolf also mates for life, and get this - they are virgins until they meet their soul mates! A very clever story indeed, overflowing with sensuality, mystery and unique situations. This reader hopes more lupine tales are on their way! Grab a copy of Bitten:Moonlust 2, you won’t be sorry, this reader declares with a “wolfish grin”!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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