by Alexis Hart

January 2003
ISBN: 1-59080-252-7
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Dark Shines My Love held my undivided attention from the moment I sat down to read it to the very end. We get to meet two people - one is desperate to find a home for herself and her son, and the other is depressed over the loss of his eyesight from a tragic accident.

Callie Carpenter is a nurse and has been sent to be a live-in nurse for Patric LeClerc. Only Patric is not what she expected, he is younger than she thought he would be. He has a bad temper and has little confidence and self-worth in himself. Callie is trying to get her life together after divorcing her very abusive ex-husband. And she does not put up with Patric and his yelling over anything and everything.

Patric has been by himself for eight years, except for the nurses that he yells at, which send them running from his home. Only Callie is different, she wouldn’t put up with him at all. He likes having her around even when he would not admit it to himself. Not only does he like having her and her son around, but he is also coming out of his reclusive shell.

Can Callie break through to Patric that he is a lot more than he thinks he is? Can having Cameron around break through to Patric as well and show him once again how to have some fun and laugh? Can Patric move forward from his past enough to take a chance on Callie and Cameron?

Ms. Hart was able to draw me into the story and feel the happiness and pain that Callie, Patric and Cameron go through. This is an eBook and not one that I would bypass because of that fact. The story is beautifully written and the feeling of being there with the characters as they travel the bumpy road to happiness.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Pam.

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