by Gaelen Foley

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-345-49668-3
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Mass Market Paperback

When tragedy strikes at Balfour Manor, Lady Lily Balfour must step up to the plate and do something to protect her female relatives from the poorhouse. The death of Lily's beloved grandfather means she must finally marry. It is the only way to protect the only home she has ever known. But there is a reason why Lily has never married in the first place and she will guard her secret no matter what.

Major Derek Knight has arrived in London to try to secure much needed funds for the army. It is a dirty business and he is not enjoying it one bit. Unfortunately, it is his punishment for a rash act in India. Now, the only way he can return to the frontlines and fight alongside his men is if he secures the money. It should have been a relatively easy task; too bad it seems some of the money has gone missing. Suddenly, Derek is embroiled in a plot to recover the funds.

These two are working at cross purposes. Lily needs a wealthy and somewhat dumb man to secure her future. Derek just needs to solve the crime of the missing money so he can go back and fight to his heart's content. However, a sizzling kiss on a moonlit night changes everything.

When love is least expected, it is often most cherished. Will these two lost souls find the solace they have long been denied?

Her Secret Fantasy is the second story in Gaelen Foley's Spice series. It is surely as grand of an adventure as the first. Derek is a true warrior. He faced battles and wars with ease, but falling in love is very disconcerting for this charmer. He never knows quite what to make of Lily and that keeps the anticipation between them very strong throughout the novel.

Lily will do what it takes to secure her home and keep her family safe. She faces many temptations with Derek and while I did not always agree with the way she handled these temptations, I did find myself warming to her throughout the course of the book. She is courageous and definitely a match for Derek.

Her Secret Fantasy is a charming, audacious read. Ms. Foley has no problems with exposing the more salacious sides to the Ton, and she does so with humor and wit. Derek and Lily are not always perfect characters, sometimes engaging and sometimes exasperating, but their powerful love shines through.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Sarah.

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