by Kate Hill

December 2002
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The Holiday Stalking is an Ellora’s Cave quickie, another vampire tale by Kate Hill. I love a good vampire, there’s nothing in this readers mind that is more mysterious, or sexy than a dark, virile bloodsucker! I love their passion and their fierce possessive nature. However, this vampire left me feeling a bit cold…

Vincent DiLorenzo is the vampire in question; he’s also a vampire cop. New York City tough and a bit rough around the edges, he despises anything mushy and hates Christmas! He and two other fellow vampires run a boys' club. Adam and Matthew, twins and “the bookends”, as Vincent good-naturedly calls them, are both happily married. Each also works toward the good of the vampire. Both are Doctors at a local hospital, dedicated to researching vampire medicine.

Vincent has a bit of a problem, it seems there’s a rogue vampire on the loose, somebody Vincent has had many a battle with. Vincent is centuries old, and every hundred years or so an old nemesis returns to fight to the death with Vincent over a past grudge. Can Vincent and his fellow vampires catch the evil stalker? Will Vincent find a warm spot in his heart for Christmas?

The romance in this book doesn’t come until much later, and while it is a “quickie”, this reader might have appreciated just a bit more foreplay in the story department. Granted it’s a very small forum but thrown in the way it was felt wrong. Vincent got on a nerve or two of mine with his New York City accent. I didn’t really find myself warming to him, he bordered insensitive and stupid at times! I might have walked away from it, if it hadn’t been by an author I’ve recently come to enjoy. Not the worst book I’ve read these days, but certainly not the best example of prior Kate Hill’s vampire tales.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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