by Melody Carlson

April 2008
ISBN: 978-1-5891-9104-4
Reviewer Graphic Button David C. Cook
Trade Paperback

Kendell Weis is spoiled. Her parents have sold their home, leaving Kendell homeless, and they bought a RV to tour the country. Kendellís grandmother felt sorry for Kendell and gave Kendell her old house. Now Kendell is hoping to bring in three roommates, and charge enough rent so she wonít have to work, and will have enough money to support her expensive shopping habit.

Megan Abernathy is anxious to get out of a less than desirable living arrangement. Girls have been disappearing from the campus she used to attend, and itís high time she moves away from there. Besides, she wants a job with a prestigious design companyóand itís within walking distance of the home she wants to rent. Anna needs to get away from her over-protective mother, and Lelani has to flee from her auntís homeóand her auntís husband.

The house isnít as luxurious as Kendellís description makes it sound, but Megan talks her down in rent in exchange for work. Kendell is less than happy with this because how will she make enough to support her shopping habit and unpaid bills without the three roommates paying full rent? And when they do start painting, sheís horrified and wants to kick her roommates out. Will the women all find what they are looking for?

I Heart Bloomberg is another winner by Melody Carlson. I enjoyed connecting with and getting to know each of the characters, from Barbie Princess Kendell to childrenís book editor Anna and the others. The first in the 86 Bloomberg Place series, this is sure to be a winner. I canít wait to read the other books in the series and keep up with these girls and their lives.

There isnít much of a faith message, but at least one of the characters is a Christian. And they all have their difficulties and situations that they hope they can improve. Pick up your own copy of I Heart Bloomberg . You wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Laura.

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