by Tracey Bateman

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-446-69894-8
Reviewer Graphic Button FaithWords
Trade Paperback

Dancy Ames plans did not include handsome Brit Jack Quinn stealing her dream job at Lane Publishing. But she supposes she can work for him ó at least until Jack fires her. Now Dancy is unemployed with no serious plans for the future and a novel sheís been working on half-heartedly.

When Dancy discovers that her parents are getting back together, her first response is horror. After all, her dadís been known to have several affairs and in spite of her motherís problems Dancy doesnít want her hurt again. Sheís even more stunned when she discovers that her father has just been given custody of a teen boy, a boy Dancy never even knew existed.

Then her parents decide to give the condo that Dancy has dreamed of all her life to her brother and his bride for a wedding present. Dancy doesnít know which way to turn. One best friend is planning a wedding, the other is baking up a storm and trying to avoid studying for finals, and the guy that Dancy is interested in thinks of her as a pesky younger sister. Worse yet, heís the one who fired her. Will Dancy find God has a plan for her life?

You Had Me at Goodbye had me at hello. Maybe I have this totally backwards but I fell in love with Jack from the moment he walked into the story, and he had my married heart pounding more than once. What a dream! Dancy isnít the most likeable person at first, I mean itís hard to be sympathetic to a woman born with a silver spoon, but she soon grew on me and I cared what happened to her. I couldnít wait to see where this story would take her.

My biggest complaint about You Had Me at Goodbye is that its over. I canít wait to read the next book in this series, Lainiís story, coming out in June. Ms. Bateman did a stellar job, and in February run, donít walk, to the nearest bookstore and buy You Had Me at Goodbye. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Laura.

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