by Rachel Gibson

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-117804-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Not Another Bad Date is the concluding story in Rachel Gibsonís four writing friends series. Adele Harris has the worst luck when it comes to dating. She is starting to believe she is cursed because no matter how nice the man may first appear, he somehow turns out to be a jerk in some way. After all the bad dates, Adele figures it has to be something wrong with her.

Deciding that a chance to get away from Idaho and her curse may be just the change she needs, Adele moves back home to Cedar Creek, Texas, to help take care of her pregnant sister who is in bad shape, both physically and emotionally. It is there that Adele becomes reacquainted with her first love, ex-NFL football player Zach Zemaitis. They dated for a short time during Adeleís senior year at the University of Texas but their promising relationship ended quickly when Zachís ex-girlfriend, Devon, turned up pregnant.

But now Devon is dead and Zach is trying to be a dad to his thirteen year old daughter. He is still very attracted to Adele but she keeps rebuffing him. Adele does not want another Zach Zemaitis induced broken heart and she is sure that is the only possibility if they become involved. But Adeleís luck with dating is actually taking a turn for the better and she may finally find the love she has been searching for.

Adele is a sharp, witty, and interesting protagonist. She has good reason to block her heart from falling in love with Zach. Of course, Zach proves to be a very charming Texan. Sensuality oozes from him, he is rich, but he is also very kindhearted. He is trying hard to be a good dad to his daughter, even as she is going through her first period or trying to use makeup. Their attraction is very instantaneous but they do have a past to deal with, as Adele remembers all too well.

Adele is a generous spirit and while I really enjoyed the romance, it was also nice to see her getting reacquainted with her sister and niece and trying to help them. Rachel Gibson can write some of the best female bonding moments and that is definitely the case in Not Another Bad Date. My only major qualm with this story is the ending regarding Zach. His dogmatic belief that somehow Adele was lying to him or being untrustworthy, when she had proved on more than one occasion to be open and honest with him, was very frustrating.

Every girl who has ever had a bad date should pick up Not Another Bad Date and commiserate with Adele. Even the unlikeliest of candidates can prove to be Prince Charming.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Sarah.

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