by Maya Banks

March 2008
ISBN: 978-0425219430
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

Gray Montgomery is dealing with the loss of his partner, a man who was like a brother to him. When he realizes his department isnít doing all they can to solve the case, he decides to do so on his own. He takes a six month leave of absence and heads to Houston where he will be working with a security firm. His purpose is to get close to Faith Malone, who may be his only link to the killer.

Faith is frustrated with her love life and finally admits to herself she needs a strong man, someone she can submit to, in and out of bed. But she doesnít know how to go about finding a man like that. When Gray appears at the office, sheís immediately attracted, and she even blurts out her desires.

Gray can hardly believe heís found the type of woman heís always been looking for, yet he canít touch her because of the lies heís told her. But when her life is threatened, Gray and Faith end up alone together and their desires can not be denied. He teaches her that being dominated isnít about her being his slave and he goes about fulfilling every one of her fantasies.

Maya Banks once again displays her talent at writing sensual romances with an element of suspense. Sweet Surrender is mostly about a woman who risks it all to discover herself, and the man who loves her and wants to give her everything she desires. Rather than ending up in bed right away, the story delves deeply into their fears and needs and makes their first time together that much more special. While the sex scenes do include spanking, anal sex and a mťnage, itís done in a very sensual, romantic way and isnít in the least degrading.

Hereís hoping Ms. Banks plans to writes stories for the other men who worked at the security firm with Gray.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Jackie.

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