by Claire Thompson

November 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1281-8
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Claire Thompson has proved she can write gay erotic romance that appeal’s to women. With Golden Boy she introduced us to two men who needed something extra in their relationships and enjoyed a BDSM lifestyle. In Island of Temptation one man discovers the truth about his desires and falls into a very gentle relationship. Now with Odd Man Out an antagonist is thrown into the mix, giving this romance more depth.

Ben has recently broken up with Carl and is now trying to be friends with his former lover. It’s not working out as he’d hoped and he knows he needs to stay away, but he’d promised months before to join Carl at his sister’s wedding. When Carl makes a scene and acts overbearing, Ben accepts a ride home from David Anderson, a man he’d met earlier that evening.

David is an actor/model and though Ben finds himself extremely attracted to him, he’s not ready for another relationship so soon. But as the two hang out and talk they both find themselves wanting more.

Carl isn’t ready to let Ben go, so he does his best to cause discord between the two men. David has a secret from his past which he’s afraid will cause Ben to leave him if he were to find out. Ben finds himself having to trust David rather than acting possessive and threatening, qualities that drew him away from Carl.

While at first I found it unlikely Ben would talk so much about a former lover with his new lover, the telling was necessary to give us a detailed background on the type of man Carl was. His maneuverings added a bit of suspense to make this story that much more engaging.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Jackie.

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