by Beverly Brandt

October 2002
ISBN: 0-312-98184-8
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Kylie Rogers is the modern day equivalent of Calamity Jane! Disaster just seems to follow her around, dropping on her at the whim of cruel fate. Whether it’s a really bad business deal that leaves her holding the bag, or a simple case of being cornered by the most boring country singer alive, Kylie is right there.

So when she tries to escape the singer who is monopolizing her time at a huge party at mogul David Gamble’s estate, she naturally takes a header out the window and into the shrubbery. Pulling her out of the bushes and into his arms is the very same David Gamble. Upright, normal, filthy rich David Gamble.

This is a fun look at the world of the recording industry, pirated CDs and unscrupulous relatives. Kylie is a sweet person, who only wants to help, although I have to confess to the urge to kick her now and again. I kept thinking “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice...” David, however, more than compensates for Kylie. Word perfect, David is by turns puzzled, confused, angry and lusty. And all of them with Kylie.

The one thing this book could have used was a much tighter edit. It suffers from one too many plot wrinkles. There’s a tidy little mystery going on involving black market CDs and this would have been more than sufficient to balance the wonderful affair between Kylie and David. But to toss in a ne’er do well brother, David’s horrendous mother, Kylie’s interesting but muddling family, and her soup kitchen, just adds a few too many twists and turns!

I kept reading, but lost a little interest in everything but the relationship between Kylie and David. Which, I suppose, is what we read romances for anyway! The love story. It is certainly here, and strong, just dodging too much in the way of other goings-on. I was glad to reach the happy ending for David and Kylie’s sake, so I am recommending this book on the strength of their romance. Don’t worry about the other stuff. It’s not as important.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Celia.

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