by Joey W. Hill

February 2008
ISBN: 0425219321
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

Vampire Queen Lady Lyssa believes that her current servant, Jacob, has been with her before in her very long life. He is human, but after receiving three marks from her, they are bound together for life. This may not be a good thing, since a lethal virus has surfaced in vampires. The Delilah virus lies dormant in humans, but if it is ingested by vampires while feeding, they will slowly get weaker and sicker and usually die within ten years. Lyssa is fearful that by marking Jacob, he will die when she does. Research is being done to cure this horrible disease.

Ironically, Jacob's brother Gideon is all for anything that will destroy vampires. Gideon is a driven vampire hunter determined to revenge the death of the woman he loved, who was killed by a vampire. Gideon is estranged from Jacob who he feels has betrayed him by joining with the vampire world.

The Mark of the Vampire is a superb sequel to The Vampire Queen's Servant and the author brings the reader up to speed with the current action. The reader learns more about what has motivated and shaped Lyssa during her very long life. Despite her vampire nature, she is not always able to mask her more vulnerable side. Jacob still struggles with being as submissive as a vampire servant needs to be, but his unconditional love and utter devotion to protecting his Lady make him the perfect hero.

Vampire lore and action are deftly woven into lush, lavish erotic scenes. Kinky and tender episodes are portrayed in equal measure. This is erotica at its best with lots of sizzle and a love that is truly sacrificial. Joey W. Hill continues to grow as a stunning storyteller. I will look forward to new books in the future.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Roberta.

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