by Lisa Tucker

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7434-9279-9
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Matthew was about to leave for a business trip to Japan after a night of carousing with a client. Maybe it was the influence of the drug he ingested to try to fit in or a sudden weak moment, but the next thing he knows, Matthew Connelly has taken a homeless young boy and his sick baby sister home with him. Michael has an executive job with a big pharmaceutical company so he has plenty of room in his loft for the children to stay overnight until he can sober up and sort things out. He doesn't count on the children's drug addict mother to come over, too, and rip him off. Matthew leaves in the morning despite all the problems and tells Danny to take his sister and get out by late morning or he will get the security guard to kick them out.

When he returns from his trip over a week later, Matthew finds the two children are still holed up in his loft. They look much better, but they really have no where to go. As Matthew becomes more involved in the children's situation, he has to deal with his own past. He once almost got married to Amelia. They were friends and lovers, but had hugh philosophical differences on his choice of career with a company Amelia considers evil and greedy. Now, Amelia is involved with Matthew's long-time friend Ben. Can there be forever love for any of the trio in the future?

The author makes all the characters empathetic and believable as they wrestle with situations that are often out of their control. The emotional pull will keep the reader entranced from the first to last page. The dialog and narrative are well balanced. The issue of drug addiction is explored and gives more depth to this multi-layered story.

Ultimately this wonderful novel shows that love can be more than the romantic type and family can mean many things. If you love a book that pull at your heartstrings, then The Cure For Modern Life will be just what the doctor ordered.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Roberta.

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