by Julie Garwood

February 1999
ISBN: 0-671-00335-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books

Treachery, murder, abduction, greed, revenge its all here in the first pages of this novel. And here in such abundance, that to be honest, I wasnt sure if I could make it past the prologue where the stage is set for Gillian the child to become Gillian the woman and set off on her quest.

Shes still suffering the after effects of her childhood trauma when we meet her again, and her path takes her to the Highlands where she meets the incredibly attractive Brodrick, Laird Buchanan. The story is complex, and requires attention. Laird Buchanan is also complex and demands attention. Strong, stubborn, honorable and rapidly falling head over sporran for Gillian, Brodrick is a perfect Highland Hero. Hes surrounded by other honorable Highlanders (for the most part), and is an easy guy to love! Gillian does, and so do we.

Once the two characters meet, this story really comes alive. As mentioned, the plot is complex, there are many characters, and an occasional re-read of the previous chapter sometimes helps. Especially when it comes to sorting out the nuances of clan relationships. But nothing needs re-reading when it comes to Gillian and Brodrick. She is his perfect match, unafraid to stand nose-to-er-chest with him, tell him bluntly when hes being an idiot, and relying on him to give her strength and courage.

The love story drove this book for me anyway. It was lovely to have a variety of situations for the lovers to experience, and an excellent cast of secondary players to augment their characters, but the sparks fly off the pages when Gillian and Brodrick are together, and their romance is what I will remember most. The rest is irrelevant.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Celia.

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