by Marjorie M. Liu

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0843957679
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Mass Market Paperback


The virus was unlike anything they had ever seen or dealt with before. That was why Dr. Rikki Kinn of the CDC, an expert virus hunter, has been sent to the Congo. Rikki is no stranger to the dangers lurking in the jungle not only from the virus but from the rebel forces that care nothing for life, to Rikki they are both the same, out to destroy. Dressed in her bio-hazard suit trying to wade through the treacherous Congo River to recover the dozens of bloody bodies floating there, Rikki is unaware of another danger that is lurking in the depths of the water. The crocodile is about to lunge at her when Rikki is swept away from its jaws by powerful arms, and just when it is about to attack at both Rikki and her savior, the crocodile bursts into flames!

He is Amiri a shape-shifter, once a proud prince of the lands of Africa. Amiri ran the wilds of his homeland as a Cheetah, until he was captured by the coldblooded Consortium who held him captive and experimented on him to find the secrets of his DNA. Escaping their clutches with others like himself landed him at the Dirk & Steele agency, a group consisting of males and females that are more then mere mortals. Chosen by his colleagues as the best one for the assignment to protect Dr. Rikki Kinn, Amiri must put aside his old fears and do his job. One look, touch and taste of Rikki and the shape-shifter knows who and what she is, his one true soul mate. Keeping one slight step ahead of the evil forces who unleashed the virus and want Rikki for their unknown purposes, Amiri and Rikki are running for their lives through the wilds of the African jungles. The Last Twilight is upon them both and only Rikki and Amiri can save humanity!

Fans of the Dirk and Steele romances rejoice another is here, The Last Twilight is sure to thrill you! Author and creator of the bestselling series, Marjorie M. Liu continues her mysterious fantasy world woven around shape-shifters, beings with telepathic abilities and those who would capture them and use them for unspeakable purposes. The characters are many, and readers need to keep on track, as with any jungle, The Last Twilight can prove murky. The romance of Amiri and Rikki actually is almost a secondary storyline, but if you are a true fan stay with it, The Last Twilight is sure to please the paranormal reader.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Bonnie.

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