by Sahara Kelly

January 2003
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Hansell and Gretty is yet another marvelously crafted tale of stunning sensuality, brilliantly clever dialogue, and a story you can sink your teeth into! Ms. Kelly is by far one of the most gifted, well-rounded authors in this genre. This is my second book by Ms. Kelly, and if you take this readers advice, you’ll get those fingers of yours limbered up, surf over to Ellora’s Cave and buy a copy!

Emma Hansell and Michael Gretty (get it Hansel and Gretel!) have been enjoying a long distance love affair, for two years. I don’t mean seeing each other by the usual mundane methods i.e.; planes and trains, I mean over the phone! This courtship they’ve shared has of course involved some very titillating and inventive sex, yet they haven’t actually seen each other in ten years! How’s’ that for going the distance? Emma lives in California and Michael lives in Boston, Emma thinks seeing each other will spoil the relationship they’ve cultivated, and is reluctant to meet. A monogamous relationship, over the phone, no less that has lasted two years? This reader knows what your thinking, preposterous, right? I found it unbelievably refreshing, and new! It put a whole new spin on getting to know each other, and I loved the very idea! The winds they are a changing, and Emma finds herself re-evaluating her current living situation.

Emma works for her Dad as a graphic artist, and as of late has been sorely underappreciated. Michael works for Enchanted Cottage Inc. as a product developer, and it just so happens his company needs a graphic artist. Emma takes the plunge and heads to Boston to work at Enchanted Cottage, where some very unsavory characters have big plans for Emma and Michael!

Jasmine Wietsch is the CIO of Enchanted Cottage Inc, and let’s just say her last name rhymes with a not so nice word (oh, okay…bitch!), she’s beautiful, ruthless and has a way of twisting a guys hormones into a knot rivaling any Boy Scout's! Max Wolfe is her assistant/lackey, not to mention has his own predilection involving a hormone or two! Max and Jasmine are fiendishly evil, in wicked fairy tale fashion, just as they should be in this reader’s estimation! They want something Michael’s got, and as a team they pull out all the stops to get it! Jasmine invites Michael and Emma to her home in Cape Cod for a “working weekend”, where she sets her plan in motion with the aid of Max. A seduction or two occurs, that will knock your socks off, written so well a valuable message evolves; it’s okay to read the menu, but don’t place an order! I loved Michael and Emma, two strong, smart individuals who know what they want, and aren’t afraid to say so!

Can Michael and Emma foil the evil twins? Will they lead Jasmine on the trail to her demise?

Wickedly nasty villains, brilliant plots, and lovemaking that will curl your toes make this yet another winner for Ms. Kelly! Without a doubt a very successful twist on a time worn classic, sure to put a smile on your face! Grab a box of chocolates; snuggle up in your favorite e-book reading spot, and read Hansell and Gretty!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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