by Norah Wilson

December 2002
ISBN: 0-7599-0427-8
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Haunted By Dreams is a deeply-emotional love story penned with wonderful talent by Ms. Wilson, who brings to life characters that are so “real” -- and the kind that readers can easily identify with.

After having a one-night stand seventeen years ago, Cassandra Ashe left without a goodbye to the man she secretly loved. Now, things are about to change when her friendship with a delinquent young girl brings that very man back into her life. Wanting nothing more than to avoid him at all costs, circumstances bring them both together for the young girl’s (Nikki) sake. Old wounds, buried secrets, and heartache threaten Cass, leaving her adrift with emotional baggage she has to learn to accept and get beyond.

John Deadmarsh has buried heartache too. Cass had taken his heart along with her abrupt disappearance from his life that night seventeen years ago, and he’s never been able to forget her. Haunted by dreams of that fateful night of passion and love, John hasn’t ever stopped loving Cass. Now that she’s back into his life, he knows he will have to face the past and find a way to make their future be together.

John and Cass will both have to face emotional baggage they’ve carried these seventeen years. Will their love grow --- again? Will they get past all that stands in their way for a future together?

Kudos to Ms. Wilson’s first book, and for the wonderful love story filled with passion, emotions, and memorable characters! A definite recommend to others!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Kari.

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