by Julie D'Arcy

December 1999
ISBN: 1-893896-08-0
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Trade Paperback

A romance, and moreover a fantasy, filled with adventure and non-stop action, Time of the Wolf clearly shows Julie D’Arcy’s wonderful talent in penning a story that will leave readers wishing the book didn’t end so soon. There’s everything in this story that would completely delight romance readers, fantasy fans, and even ‘new’ readers to the genre: passion, murder, intrigue, time-travel, heroic quests, elves, secrets, continuous action, druids, magic, evil that seems unbeatable, and even a ‘history’ that makes the story’s ambience very realistic.

Heroine Keahla of Dros-Delnoch is an ‘ousted’ princess who, out of necessity, time-travels to the future to find the hero that will help her uncover the truth of her father’s murder and bring an end to the evil Queen who now rules in her father’s stead. She’s not your normal princess, who are normally weak-minded and pampered. She has strength of character, bravery, and determination. Readers will immediately get the impression that Keahla will not let anything defeat her in her quest for justice and freedom.

Radin Hawk, king of the Wolfhead, is a prince unwilling to follow his father’s dictate and marry for political reasons. Still, in order to avoid being disinherited, he goes to meet his intended bride at the ship-docking port. After learning that the bride’s ship was attacked and then lost at sea, Radin starts home, stopping on the way at an auction for slaves. There he sees Keahla being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Without fully understanding his own reason, Radin buys Keahla.

When Keahla tells him she has come through a time portal from a city that hasn’t existed for over a hundred years, Radin thinks she’s crazy. Especially when she tells him that she believes he is the ‘One’ her people’s prophecy foretold: The king of the Wolfhead will be the warrior-savior to save her people from an evil that threatens their very existence.

The action-packed story escalates from there, taking Keahla, Radin, and several others, into a danger that is strengthened by evil power. And through it all, Keahla and Radin’s attraction turns steadily into love. But will their love have a happy ending when so much is at stake and so many decisions will become more and more complicated?

This reader thoroughly enjoyed the highly fascinating world Ms. D’Arcy has created with this book. It will now be a definite recommend to others who love a fantasy adventure that contains everything that romance is about!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Kari.

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