by Cindy Gengler

January 2003
ISBN: 0972234977
Reviewer Graphic Button Gardenia Press
Trade Paperback

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A new and exciting voice has arrived in the Paranormal Vampire Romance genre! Cindy Gengler’s Fallen Angels is an exceptionally unique and fascinating tale of betrayal, danger and death, immortality, and the forever search for eternal love.

London, 1802-1803, is where this incredibly engrossing tale starts. Katherine Darien is a vampiress determined to have the three men (The Fallen Angels, as they were named by the “Ton”), Raphael Fahlan, Gabriel Arden, and Michael Wyhndym as her new “Protectors”. Her deceit and evil machinations bring about a culmination of events that change the men’s lives for all eternity. Michael is the first one she turns into a vampire, and then she attacks Gabriel and Raphael. She is enraged in her failed attempt to kill Gabriel and he is later “turned” by another, older vampire (Sasha). Because of her actions, Katherine earns the eternal, deadly rage of Raphael who has sworn to kill her.

The story resumes 200 years later, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Rafe and Michael own a very popular nightclub, “Heaven’s Gate”, and Gabriel is a homicide detective in the New Orleans Police Dept. The men have an eternal bond that keeps them together, yet each is very much alone. Hard lessons in life have taught Rafe to spurn the idea of love, and to lock away his heart forever. He never expects the dramatic turn his life will take when he hires a security specialist for the nightclub. Nothing will ever be the same again, and Rafe’s heart is on the line.

Montgomery Sinclair is a strong-willed, athletic woman, extremely successful in her chosen career. She’s determined to never look back to the heartache of the past, and never again allow her heart to be at stake in any love game. When she accepts the assignment for Heaven’s Gate security, she is completely unprepared for the instant attraction she feels for Rafe. Unknown to her, Rafe’s preternatural ability has already detected her sexual interest and he’s determined to be the one in control should their feelings be acted upon. He doesn’t know that “Gomery” has a strong willpower of honed stubbornness that will fight that attraction every step of the way.

Penned with intriguing subplots (that could become new stories), fascinating memorable characters, new vampire rules (and without the too gory elements of blood and horror that fills most vampire genre), and a sensual passionate love story, Ms. Gengler has a winner with this book. Readers will definitely be impatiently awaiting more stories relating to the Fallen Angels. This reader thoroughly enjoyed Rafe’s Heart, and will eagerly wait for any future books from Ms. Gengler. A definite recommend and a “keeper” to my shelf!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Kari.

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