by Barbara Clark

January 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-029-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press
Trade Paperback

Deserts of the Heart was a 2002 finalist in the Crystal Globe Awards, and to this reader --- a definite winner! Ms. Clark proves once again that she has an exceptional talent in penning a story that is filled with all the elements a great paranormal romance should have: intrigue, danger, non stop action, suspense, mystery, paranormal abilities, and of course --- the most important ingredient of all: a passionate love story.

In this fourth and final book of the <.i>Sons of the Earth and Wind Series series, we get to once again visit with the characters from the previous three books: Michael and Summer, and Hawk Adams who play a part in protecting the heroine from the imminent danger that threatens her.

Faith Webb owns a store that sells Native America arts, and other unique gifts from around the world, called “The Deserts of the Heart”. When a man comes into the store looking for a particular gift for his friend, Faith’s life changes in the most dramatic, unexpected way. The events that follow will take her into the very heart of the Sahara Desert, have her facing many dangers, and finally force her to accept the inevitable: her well-orderly life will never be the same again.

Prince Kadar Hamad is searching for a prized and precious family heirloom, an ancient sword (The Sword of Light) stolen from his father’s palace. His relentless search leads him right to Faith’s shop. His instant attraction to her is definitely unwanted because he believes she’s trafficking stolen artifacts and goods. Danger is right on his heels though, and he’s led the ruthless killers (also searching for the sword) straight to Faith.

Thus starts the fast paced, engrossing, page-turner action as Faith (now with her psychic abilities predominantly working after meeting him) and Kadar search across the world for the lost magical sword, all the while their feelings for each other heating up the already hot desert. The passion between them grows, sizzling and steamy, and you won’t want to put this book down until finishing! Then, you’ll probably want to re-read it again!

Ms. Clark’s books are peopled with such incredible heroes and heroines, and passionate love that are steamy- hot and all- enduring. Her characters are ‘real’, with emotional scars, and real life problems. Their paranormal abilities play predominantly in every story but the incredible love between hero and heroine is always and foremost the center of the story. This reader will always recommend Ms. Clark’s books, and will be eagerly awaiting her future ones. Don’t miss reading the entire set of the Sons Of Earth and Wind: Book #1 Tears of the Hawk, Book #2 A Breath of Heather, Book #3 A Touch of Fire. You’ll be glad you read them and now have them on your ‘keeper’ shelf!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Kari.

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