by Kimberly Raye

February 2000
ISBN: 0-505-52361-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Midnight Kisses is a whole lot of wacky comedy, interspersed with some very human aspects all of us can relate to! An escapade sure to please the comic in you, and give you a warm fuzzy to boot!

Dr. Josephine Farrington is a scientist, with a better than average I.Q. Josie works for Three Kisses, a popular toy company, developing hot new toys. Josie has a trouble or two, namely the fact that in her opinion, she isn’t getting any younger! Josie longs to have a family of her own, before she gets too long in the tooth. She’s even been to a seminar or two on the subject of compatibility, helping her to build her list of most wanted qualities in a man. So far she’s not having much luck, judging by the dates she’s had thus far. Josie’s biological time clock is tick, tick, ticking away, but there is someone she works with who floats her boat like a Carnival Cruise ship! In the midst of all this is, Josie is attempting to create a new technique, that this reader found utterly improbable, but thoroughly dynamic and creative! Josie, genius that she is, has been working on a project inventing, of all things, a life size, all parts assembled (and I do mean assembled), deliciously warm MAN!! This reader is placing her order pronto!

Marvin Tannenbaum is the above mentioned boat floater, and resident Three Kisses geek. He’s working at Three Kisses under false pretenses, and while he finds Josie terribly attractive, he doesn’t need any current involvements messing up his mission to clear his name. Marvin has a secret or two that can’t be revealed if he’s to accomplish that. Marvin is really a buff hottie that Josie can’t seem to attract any attention from. She somehow has seen beyond his geeky exterior to the vibrant, lusty guy behind the horn rimmed glasses. She manages to discover this on a date, that you the reader must pursue yourself. This reader just won’t give the delicious details away! Marvin is digging his heels in to keep from jumping the pretty scientists bones; can he hold out? And can Josie convince Marvin that their love can go the distance?

Josie and Marvin share more than just the physical aspect of attraction in common, they have a real love of science and creativity. Each possesses a high I.Q. but has handled them in vastly different ways growing up. Josie grew up feeling the stigma of her smarts, leaving her out of the social loop as a teenager, and Marvin used his brain to take him away from a home that was dysfunctional. The insecurities from these two scenarios are potential for more than one hurdle to overcome, which made them real and likeable. Josie is trying to break free of the stereotypical “smart girl” image with zeal! She tempts Marvin in more ways than one with some very uncharacteristic Josie antics, and I found that adorable! The sexual tension between the two rivals a house on fire! These two had oodles of sizzling encounters sure to make you grab a cold shower.

I had an enormously good time with this very imaginative plot about two people who were more than meant for each other. This was my first read of Ms. Raye’s, but surely not my last! Creativity, scintillating sex, and genuinely sweet characters make a winner with Midnight Kisses!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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