by Marliss Melton

April 2008
ISBN: 0-446-61835-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Don’t Let Go continues this author's military romance series. Navy SEAL Solomon McGuire is given orders to rescue American Jordan Bliss from Venezuela. When she insists they let her take a young orphan boy with her, he refuses and forces her to leave Miguel behind.

Upon returning home, Jordan immediately begins trying to figure out a way back because she desperately wants Miguel and is doing everything in her power to push the adoption through. She lost one child from miscarriage and refuses to lose Miguel too. Jordan doesn’t care about the danger of returning to a very unstable country, she truly only has one thought in mind – bring home her child.

Solomon regrets his decision almost immediately. He can understand exactly how she feels as his child was taken from him five years earlier. When he receives word of where his son is located, he immediately requests time off from work in order to pick him up. Ends up he’d been living with his aunt, but she was getting ready to lose her home and couldn’t afford to take care of him and longer. After meeting Solomon, she begins to doubt all the things her sister said about him. It’s obvious he deeply loves his son.

With only a limited amount of leave, Solomon knows he’s going to need help with Silas. Not only does he need someone to watch him, he needs someone to teach him how to read. Though he knows Jordan probably hates him, he contacts her and asks her to consider working with Silas. Her first instinct is to refuse but she desperately needs some extra cash, and upon meeting Silas she falls in love with him.

As she and Solomon become close, she tries not to feel guilty about not telling him about her plans. Her goal is still to bring Miguel home, but now she also hopes Solomon will forgive her and want her back. If she survives at all…

Though part of a series, this book has no trouble standing on its own. A bonus love story just makes this romantic suspense that much better. Ms. Melton certainly knows how to write great characters that are strong and vulnerable at the same time. Throw in a compelling romance and a gripping suspense and readers are truly in for a treat.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Jackie.

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