by Cheyenne McCray

May 2008
ISBN: 0-312-94958-8
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Hannah Wentworth and her sister D’Anu witches have fled San Francisco following the evil goddess Ceithlenn's horrific attack on the human realm was broadcast on national television. The coven has vowed to eradicate Ceithlenn and the goddess’ army of Formorrii demons from their world. Although, without additional help from Otherworld, from the Drow kingdom, Ceithlenn will destroy all Hannah and her coven have fought so hard to save. With Garran, king of the Drow, dark elves, their reluctant ally humanity may have a fighting chance. In the midst of Garran's magnetic appeal, Hannah is finding it hard to maintain her emotional and physical distance from the father of her nemesis, D’Anu witch Rhiannon.

Garran is aware that Hannah is attracted to him but wary of her strengthening desire. He also knows she will not appreciate the ways of his people- the ways of their society are the reason they were banished underground centuries ago. To save his daughter Rhiannon, her coven, and the human world, Garran put his very life on the line. But he risks much more than his physical well-being in this war – he may lose the love he has been longing for.

In Shadow Magic the battle for Earth comes to a head and the outcome will surprise you. Hannah and Garran are a perfectly matched couple whose sexual tension excites as well as arouses. Another Cheyenne McCray hit awaits you.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Cynthia.

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