by Leslie Kelly

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0373793730
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

What do you get when you have five bridesmaids on the loose? Author Leslie Kelly has written a sizzling new Blaze to show us some of the possibilities. One Wild Wedding Night has very little to do with the honeymoon, but it still has plenty of action!

Izzie Santori’s bridesmaids are a varied as the rainbow, with personalities from outrageous to demure. While she is celebrating her wedding night, these five lovely ladies decide to party on in a local club. That is when it gets interesting.

Bridget Donahue doesn’t fit anyone’s description of a party girl. She is lovely in a quiet way, and her bookkeeping job is a perfect match. She really needs to relax though, and forget about her upcoming testimony against a former boss. She also needs to forget the FBI agent who feigned interest in her long enough to close the case.

Leah Muldoon may strip for a living, but she is just trying to get through nursing school. And being a stripper may sound glamorous, but she hasn’t had a real date in months. Letting her hair down with the girls sounded like a good idea, but she is exhausted. She decides to take a little nap in the limo until the girls are done. The problem is that all the limos look the same.

Mia Natale’s reputation has a hard-nosed attorney has finally taken its toll. She has left a good man behind, one who really cared about her, because she has started to believe that she is as cold as her courtroom persona. Going back to her lonely hotel room is the last thing Mia wants, but she quickly discovers that she is not alone.

Vanessa McKee has no intention of cutting her party short just because some idiot pulled the club’s fire alarm. Heading back to the hotel bar, she is stunned to see a man from her past. He is the man who hurt her pride and taught her not to count on anyone but herself. She is tempted to exact a little revenge since it has been years since they were together, and she is not the young girl she used to be. Will he recognize her?

Gloria Santori loves being wife and mother, but these days she feels more like a dishrag that has been twisted too many times. Since the last baby, she and her husband have had brief encounters that have left her unsatisfied, and when they do have more time, she is exhausted. When her husband tells her to stay at the hotel for the night, she is at loose ends. She should probably go on up to bed, but needs to wind down from the party. A little conversation with a handsome man at the bar is completely innocent, right?

One Wild Wedding Night definitely lives up to its title, and Ms. Kelly has scored another winning book.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Paula.

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