by Karen Kelley

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1767-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

In her follow-up to the very amusing, Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind, Karen Kelley revisits the planet Nerak. Kia has come to earth to find her cousin Mala and bring her back home. Unfortunately, upon landing on earth, Kia sets out on the wrong course, eventually arriving at a dangerous biker bar where undercover cop Nick Scericino is hoping to pull off a big bust against the Russian mafia.

As with most things involving the women of the planet Nerak, things do not seem to go as planned and Nick helps Kia out in a bad situation. He's got a protective streak a mile wide and it does not hurt that Kia is sexy as all get out. Sparks fly and before Nick quite realizes what is happening, they are falling into bed.

But Nick can't believe that Kia is an alien. He is a bit freaked to put it mildly and is determined to find Mala so he can unload Kia ASAP. But Kia is not a warrior for nothing and she is going to prove to Nick that she is telling the truth. And she is going to enjoy every moment with him while she can.

Karen Kelley brings on the charm and humor of discovering earth for the first time ever once again in Cosmic Sex. Kia's responses to earth's many delights are amusing and poignant. Chocolate induces orgasmic feelings while childbirth, something that does not happen naturally on Nerak, induces horror and chills. And then there are puppies. And Nick. He is a sweetheart on every level, a bit tough, flirtatious and head over heels for Kia, even when he thinks she is a nut job.

My one major quibble with this book is the Russian mafia story and the cast of secondary characters (other than Nick's partner, Sam) who seemed to clutter up this story and take the focus away from the love story. I feel Kia's quest to find Mala would have been plenty to focus on; instead there are a few very unlikable (and frankly boring) villains who just take up precious page time from the main characters.

However, I still enjoyed Cosmic Sex. Karen Kelley has a way of creating uniquely unbelievable situations and making them work. Kia and Nick had me rooting for them from the get go!

Reviewed in January 2008 by Sarah.

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