by Nina Bangs

June 2001
ISBN: 0-505-52460-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

The Pleasure Master was an exhilarating romp back in time to the year 1542 Scotland. Plenty of laughs, and innovative ideas weave this story of two people who need each other more than they think!

Kathy Bartlett is a hairdresser from New York. She’s been dumped by her ex, and has some very clear ideas on the next man she wants in her life! Stranded on a highway on Christmas Eve with a sack full of toys for orphaned children, she wishes to be somewhere warm and peaceful, with a subservient man! Sometimes you get what you wish for! Kathy finds herself somewhere else all right, in 1542 Scotland, where nothing is familiar and the Pleasure Master reigns supreme!

Sexy Ian Ross is The Pleasure Master, darkly handsome with a reputation for being able to seduce any woman! Ian finds Kathy confused, and lost with her bag of toys, and plenty of mousse! Ian, Kathy comes to find, is sent to women by the droves to teach them the fine art of pleasure. He’s in a battle of the fittest with his brothers to keep the title of Pleasure Master, and Kathy is next on his list of women to seduce!

These two had me chuckling from the word go! From Ian’s misinterpretation of Kathy’s title (he calls her the daughter of The King of Clairol!), to the effort he puts into seducing Kathy, every page was a delight! There were some odd happenings as well, like the fact that Kathy can somehow still call New York with her cell phone, and the strange little toy that seems to be what brought her to 1542 in the first place! This reader found all the right elements to make these two a delicious couple! Ian has a suave exterior, but an inner strength, and sensitivity that struck me as genuine. He has, after all spent many a night, with many a woman, but the feelings he develops for Kathy are that of a man who wants to have something more, other than a physical connection. Kathy has had a tough time of it with her ex, so she’s pretty leery of Ian, but finds him utterly irresistible; she finds it harder and harder to resist his special brand of charm.

The Pleasure Master is a wild magic carpet ride back in time, laughs and love abound, captivating this reader’s sense of adventure!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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