by Lauren Willig

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-525-95033-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Dutton

We meet up with Eloise Kelly as she tries to uncover yet another spy from the 1800ís. She also has started to have a serious relationship with Colin Selwick, a descendant of the spies she has researched.

Lord Vaughn has been asked by the Pink Carnation to enlist the help of Mary Alsworthy to prevent the Black Tulip, and higher ups from invading England. Mary is all to happy to help, its that or have another season in London, in order to do that, she would need the help of her brother-in-law, who should have been her husband, not her sisters'.

Every spy has a weakness, the Black Tulips' weakness is black-haired women, whom he refers to as his "petals". Mary is very good at the art of seduction, she is successful in catching the eye of the Black Tulip, she also has unknown to herself, captured the eye of Lord Vaughn as well. Spies will be spies, there are half-truths, outright lies, and dangerous situations one has to put oneself in to achieve their goal. Lord Vaughn and Mary find themselves thick in the world of spies, they will need to weed out not only the real spies, but also weed through their feelings for each other.

Eloise Kelly and Colin Selwick are getting closer to each other, but they aren't able to spend time together, Eloise is too busy trying to dig up long-dead spies, nobody cares about and Colin is just plain busy. The reader is treated to not one but two love stories throughout the book.

This is the fourth book in the Pink Carnation series. There is wit, laughter, secrets, lies, grand schemes and of course all those lovable spies. Don't miss this next installment of this awesome series by a author who has a talent of keeping her readers glued to the book until the end.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Pat.

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