by Sahara Kelly

December 2002
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The Sun God's Woman by Sahara Kelly, guarantees at least one laugh out loud every page, with a chuckle or two in between! Sahara Kelly’s world of Ancient Sumer is an outstanding look into the past and into two very human people caught up in a whirlwind of time travel and plenty of passion. This story is jam packed with just the right amount of narrative, dialogue and setting to make it whole without missing a beat!

Annie Lynden is a journalist on the verge of covering a breaking news story about “magic”, or so she thinks. A technological breakthrough has brought her, along with other journalists and historians, to see Dr. Kyle Pendrake. A sexy scientist who seems to have made a very important discovery about time travel! Upon first seeing Kyle Pendrake, Annie finds him irresistibly sexy, but during a display of his hot new invention, he vanishes before she ever gets the chance to tell him so.

Dr. Kyle Pendrake is about to take the trip of the century, leaving him to assume a new role in his life, a role of great importance. Kyle finds himself shot back in time four thousand years to Ancient Sumer. When he meets Annie again it’s five years later, and boy has Dr. Kyle Pendrake been busy!

Annie, now a bestselling author, finally gets another shot at seeing Kyle Pendrake’s invention with an exclusive invitation to Pendrake Merlin Industries. It’s been five long years since she last saw Kyle’s invention, and Annie isn’t prepared for what happens next! She too will travel back in time to Sumer, and to a land where upon awakening she’s mistaken for someone she most definitely is not!

These very misconceptions find Annie, or Annilin as the Summarians fondly call her, in a very precarious situation indeed, including a sacrifice or two that had me in stitches!

I liked Annie a lot, she’s bright and sassy, but above all she has a fabulous sense of humor, which made each turn of the page a delight! She’s also not your run of the mill time traveler, no crying over her new lot in life for this girl! Annie takes the idea of being a virgin (reconstituted in her case!) with grace under fire, and being presented to the Head Honcho like a champ!

Kyle is pretty darn sexy in this reader’s estimation, and of course he has more than his fair share of smarts. That wasn’t all that appealed to me though, he had a whole lot of common sense, and there’s nothing sexier than that! He too has adapted to his new position in life, and Annie is a welcome addition from his past (so to speak). The secondary players in this tale were an added plus, rather than the usual distraction to the story. I liked them as much as I did Annie and Kyle. Ms. Kelley possesses a gift for snappy dialogue that never loses its momentum and sensuality that burns hotter than the proverbial midnight oil!

There wasn’t a thing I didn’t like about this book, except that sadly it was over too soon! Hot lovemaking, innovative settings and hilariously funny situations leave this reader recommending The Sun God's Woman as one of the best reads she’s ever had!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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