by Rosemary Rogers

December 2002
ISBN: 1-55166-953-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Rosemary Rogers’ latest novel, An Honorable Man takes place during the tumultuous Civil War, a time when son turns against father, brother against sister....

Cameron Campbell is her father’s daughter through and through. Besides being a “daddy's girl”, Cameron and her father shared the same political beliefs and love for their Mississippi plantation, Elmwood. But Cameron's world is turned upside-down when her father dies in an accident and war breaks out between the States. With her brother, Grant, becoming heir to the family plantation, and consequently her father's wishes for their slaves to be freed nullified, Cameron decides to take matters into her own hands and free the slaves herself, no matter how dangerous it may be.

The man Cameron has hated for the last six years, Jackson Logan, is the one man she doesn't expect to rely on during her perilous task; but he becomes the only person Cameron can trust – with everything except for her heart. Cameron had offered her love to Jackson when she was a naïve seventeen-year-old, only to have it thrown back in her face. That is one mistake Cameron is determined not to make again, even though her body seems to have its own ideas where Jackson is concerned.

Jackson had his reasons for rejecting Cameron all those years ago, but he never forgot her. When he meets her again as a grown woman, he is pleased that his memory did not serve him false and that Cameron is everything, if not more, that he recalled. But can he convince Cameron that he is more than just a blockade-runner, that he is indeed An Honorable Man, without giving away his secret mission? And even more importantly, can he persuade her to give him another chance with her love?

An Honorable Man is almost reminiscent of “Gone with the Wind”, with its Civil War time period and the heroine's love of the family's southern plantation, which is definitely not a bad thing. There is plenty that sets it apart though – most thankfully being the happy ending for one!

Cameron is a very likable heroine, courageous and willing to stand behind her convictions for abolishing slavery. Jackson is likewise a hero worthy of the position. The only complaint I have regarding him is that he didn't trust Cameron with the truth regarding his mission sooner, even though he knew the views she had on slavery and that she wasn't likely to betray him. The villain in the story is written the way all villains should be – detestable, of course, but also with legitimate reasons behind the actions he takes that make sense, even if they are not excusable.

This reader cut her teeth on Rosemary Rogers’ novels such the Sweet Savage Love trilogy, so I jumped at the chance to read a current story from the veteran author. An Honorable Man didn't disappoint and it brought back all those memories of being a teenager and discovering how great romance novels can be for the first time! Full of passion, adventure, drama and well-rounded secondary characters with romances of their own, An Honorable Man will please both old and new fans of Rosemary Rogers.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Nicole.

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