by Catherine Mann

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-27268-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1198
Mass Market Paperback

Catherine Mann has truly found her voice and rhythm and itís a pleasure to read all her books, for her stories, yes, but also for her apparent talent, her style and her writing voice. And with Under Siege she again delivers sensitive writing and storytelling from the heart. Iím done comparing Ms Mann to other favorite romance authors. Catherine Mann writes and sounds like Catherine Mann, and doing a damn fine job.

Lt. Col. Zach Dawson, divorced and father of two girls feels responsible for widowed and pregnant Julia Sinclair. Investigating the accident that caused her husbandís demise under his watch, he needs to lend a hand and cannot fathom that she would keep her sonís special condition from him and would refuse his aid and support. Itís a question of honor - and attraction for him.

However, Julia doesnít want help, no matter how much she might need it. She is a free spirit who grew up in a commune and who, after a problematic marriage, loves her independence. Nothing unexpected here seeing that, as I had hoped for, Ms Mann delivers another great heroine, brave and with spunk. But when Zach needs help with his girls there is only one person he can and wants to ask. Not satisfied with offering her a job as nanny, he asks Julia to agree to a marriage of convenience. And with a caring, explosive and very persuasive first kiss, she agrees!

Still, things are not easy; there is the investigation of the crash, the typical trouble with young girls, and the return of the ex. Feelings get in the way and consideration is dealt but not always asked for. And then there is the blistering sexual tension....

Zach is a hero and a great dad, who has learned from his fatherís mistakes, a reliable friend and an honorable and trustworthy husband. There is nothing about him that keeps Julia or the reader from falling in love with him. So we do!

Ms Mann has created with her Wingmen Warriors series a world that gets harder and harder to resist with each scene, each chapter, each book. Her deep understanding for the life of military personal and their spouses shows with her considerable knowledge and her background; therefore helping the readers to trust and believe in her stories, her characters and her facts. Brave enough not to go for easy answers or solutions, Ms Mann is also professional enough not to rob her readers of some truly awesome feel-good moments.

If you havenít started reading any of Catherine Mannís Wingmen Warriors titles yet, I want you to consider her January 2003 release, the significant, powerful, compassionate and oh so wonderful Under Siege. Itís the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the awe-inspiring series and its heroic and honorable women and men. Be prepared though to spend considerable time locating her previous titles.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Kris Alice.

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