by Bronwyn Jameson

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-76487-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1487
Mass Market Paperback

When, in Bronwyn Jameson’s Quade: The Irresistible One, Cameron Quade returns to his home in Plenty, Australia after years overseas, he arrives to a very eye-catching Chantal Goodwin changing his satin linen - as always Bronwyn Jameson delivers a perfect first page and introduction to her characters and their story.

Quade has come back to relax and lick the wounds inflicted by his ambitious and driven ex-fiancée. No complications are wanted, especially when they come in the form of one aggravating and very shapely lawyer, Chantal.

Even though Chantal had a teenage crush on him and has desired him since their time working together in a law firm, she fears his return - and what it will mean to her career and her heart. But Chantal thrives on challenges and Quade turns out to be the biggest. Her goal is to succeed, to be organized. Her attitude is of "what she doesn’t know can be learned". That is, as long as she has the right teacher. And when it comes to love and passion, the only teacher she wants is Quade. I might not have liked Chantal very much as Julia’s sister in Zane but seeing her with Quade’s eyes changed my mind. She makes him smile and laugh!

However, it’s Quade’s story, it’s him falling in love with Chantal, which held me enthralled and turning the pages. It’s his emotions and his battle with them that kept me riveted until the very last one. Don’t misunderstand me, Chantal is a great woman, but as it was obvious right from the beginning how she felt for Quade I lost interest in her. Not that bad, as Ms Jameson obliged by concentrating more on Quade and his struggles, his feelings. He is worth several stories, and just as I was happy to revisit Zane (and his sister Kree!) again I can’t wait for getting another glimpse of Quade in the next Plenty, Australia installment.

Quade is hot! Very, very hot, with a brazen and sassy language that left me burning and in stitches! There is something to be said about a pair of green eyes melting down the protective shell of a frightened woman. I guess I should be freezing with the cold winter temperatures outside but reading Bronwyn Jameson’s latest has me up in flames.

More than once I was happy to see the old and tried clichés quoted but then left alone. And rightly so, as Ms Jameson has no need for them. Her brand of sparkling dialogue, sizzling tension and luscious men is all that is needed to satisfy me. She sure has found her voice, and what an irresistible voice it is. Her books are a guarantee for laughter, love and gorgeous Down Under heroes. Don’t miss them!

Reviewed in December 2002 by Kris Alice.

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