by Cathie Linz

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-19637-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1637
Mass Market Paperback

Newly blonde Cassandra Jones is doing a series of stories on American Heroes for Capital magazine. Her latest subject is sexy Marine Captain Sam Wilder. She plans to spend a couple of weeks stuck to Sam's side, determined to give her readers a real glimpse inside the daily life of a Marine.

Since flying a surveillance mission three months ago and landing his plane safely despite engine failure, Sam has been on desk duty, stationed at Quantico marine base in Virginia. He has become a hero for possibly saving the lives of all on board the plane with his expert landing. He is now the "poster boy" for the marine corps according to Cassie.

Sam comes from a family of marines and will do as commanded and do the PR work until he can get back in the air again. Cassie and Sam are a couple just made for each other. They love to tease each other and their scenes where they challenge each other to various "contests" are quite humorous.

Cassie's past has taught her that she can only depend on herself and she never gets too close to others for fear of being hurt again. Why is it she suddenly wants to let Sam inside her world? After all, if he knew she was really a brunette who wore glasses he wouldn't give her a second glance, or would he?

Sam is the last bachelor in a family of four marine brothers, each sexy as hell. With his three brothers all recently married, Sam has a reputation to uphold. The "Wilder" men are known as legendary lady killers who charm them and leave them wanting more. Why is it Sam is suddenly seeing himself with only one woman by his side? Is he dreaming or is the man known as "Teflon Heart" starting to melt for a certain reporter who he can't stop thinking about?

Sleeping Beauty & The Marine has become my favorite in this fantastic series by Cathie Linz. Sam is a hero with way too much charm who could melt any woman's heart.

Ms Linz knows how to tell a fantastic tale and draws the reader in with her gifted story weaving ability. She creates some of the best kissing scenes that I have ever read and some of the best foreplay around without getting overly graphic. She has a knack for creating a true romantic feeling in her books without the overt use of sex.

Of course that's not to say that the books aren't hot - on the contrary, they are. The best way to experience this is to try one of her titles for yourself. You will see what I mean.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Barbara.

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