by Catherine Palmer

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-82781-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Love Inspired
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Bronwen is horrified when her father announces her betrothal to a Viking who must be every bit as old as her father—a man she despises. At least her sister ends up betrothed to a decent man. But being the dutiful daughter, Bronwen agrees to marry the Viking. The Viking insists on a marriage right away instead of waiting the customary six months, and dismayed, Bronwen runs unattended on the beach, trying to work out her frustration and anger. There she’s accosted by a stranger, a man who kisses her, and leaves her dreaming of a stranger.

When Bronwen’s husband is killed at war, Bronwen finds she’s been robbed of all her birthright. Now her last hope lies with a foreign knight, Jacques le Brun, a Frenchman who not only is her sworn enemy, but also the man who kissed her…

Love Inspired’s first historical is definitely going to be a hard act to follow. Ms. Palmer did a stellar job recreating the world of the Vikings and ancient Briton. Bronwen is a wonderful heroine, and Jacques is a true hero. My only complaint about it is that like so many authors of novels set in ancient times, they insist on using names for the characters that the readers stumble over.

I enjoyed The Briton once I got past the first chapter (which was rather slow and laborious) and couldn’t wait to see what would happen with Bronwen. I hoped she and Jacques would be victorious, and I hated seeing her wed the Viking lord at the beginning. Don’t miss this beginning story in the new Love Inspired Historical line. The Briton is truly a work of art.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Laura.

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