by Lara Adrian

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-553-58939-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

When a woman has lost everything, sometimes she feels compelled to try and take control. For Elise Chase, control meant leaving everything behind in her quest to avenge her sonís death. She had always expected her husband to die, since he was a Darkhaven warrior, but to lose her son was devastating. Elise vows to hunt down the Rogue leader and stop him from killing any more innocent Breed children. She left the security of the Darkhaven community and lives among the humans, searching for minions and other servants to the evil vampire who is plaguing their community.

Tegan, a member of the Order, is on patrol when he smells blood. As one of the oldest, a Gen One, his abilities are more developed than many of his Breed brethren, and his appetites are equally strong. The scent of blood calls him to the hunt, to feed. But he is more interested in the hooded figure who carries the spilled blood. He is shocked to find Elise Chase is the one covered in blood, whose psychic gifts are almost unbearable in the company of humans. Why has she left the compound? Who is she hunting?

Author Lara Adrian brings readers her third novel about the Order with Midnight Awakening. The romance between Tegan and Elise is not only tempestuous but fraught with danger. Tegan must suppress his natural protective instincts and allow Elise the freedom she needs to help the Order. Their enemies are gaining power, and they will need all of the help they can find. The novelís pace is very fast, and the action will carry readers to the thrilling conclusion. I look forward to the next novel, which is due in April.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Paula.

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