by Kate Hill

December 2002
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Moonlust Privateer is the darkly seductive tale of Sabine and Galen. Intense and rich in its setting, I was enraptured by the powerful presence Kate Hill has created in these two lusty vampires, and their intense passion for one another!

Sabine is the sister of Narcisse Debray, an old friend of Captain Galen Donoven. Darkly beautiful Sabine meets the devilishly handsome Galen when he arrives at Castle Debray severely wounded. Galen arrives looking for Narcisse, who is away on a trip with his new bride. Galen is in need of healing, which vampires are capable of doing for one another (itís a vampire thing!). Sabine, wary of the roguish Galen whose escapades have been regaled time and again by her brother, has no choice but to heal the dying Galen. There begins a hot and sexy Vampire mating, something the virginal Sabine wasnít ready for but Galen is more than willing to take in order to survive.

Galen finds himself linked to Sabine in a way he thought impossible, with a vampire or any mortal. His lust for Sabine has him declaring her his soul mate, and Sabine declaring Galen a common pirate! Sabine regrets their interlude no matter how fierce her attraction to him, but Galen is determined to have her at all costs. When Vampires mate, they mate for life, thereby making this mortal reader officially hooked! Where have all the good Vampires gone?

When disaster strikes Galen must keep Sabine safe by taking her away from her beloved home. Sabine, however angry, canít fight the powerful tug of Galenís soul entwined with hers, nor can she refute the idea that danger is imminent if she stays at the castle. A reluctant Sabine leaves with Galen fighting him every step of the way, even though she is unable to deny the passion between them! Galen takes her to his ship The Scarlet Dragon, and sets sail for his island, hot on their heels is an evil enemy who wants Galen dead for the cargo heís stolen from him.

Galen sent shivers up my spine, his possessive streak, and every powerful word he spoke made my knees weak! I adored his adamant refusal to give up on Sabine, and if she didnít want him, this reader would have been more than pleased to be sloppy seconds! He also allows for her justifiable anger - a sensitive Vampire to boot!

Sabine is feisty, intelligent and loyal to those she loves. Though forced to be with Galen, sheís mighty masterful at a spirited retort, and wonít let him forget his misdeeds with every tongue-lashing she doles out! I loved Sabineís spirit, her grace, and her iron will!

Battles rage, dark secrets are revealed, and love blooms all in perfect timing. Ms. Hill is marvelously gifted with the ability to carve out rich, sensual characters, while not losing the focus of the story. A fabulous tapestry of dark sensuality, explosive passion, and menacing evil all combine to make this one of the best reads Iíve had to date! If you enjoy all of the above buy a copy of Moonlust Privateer

Reviewed in December 2002 by Connie.

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