by Cathie Linz

August 2001
ISBN: 0-373-19534-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1534
Mass Market Paperback

Sergeant Joe Wilder has been given an assignment he hates - escort his CO's daughter's class on an overnight wilderness weekend trip. A good marine never refuses an order so Joe figures he might as well score some points with his CO and maybe score himself a date in the process since the group's teacher catches his eye.

It turns out that the teacher, Prudence Martin, is the CO's daughter and she has a rule against dating military men. With no one else to escort the group, Joe agrees to job so as not to disappoint the children, who are getting the trip as a reward for having the best science projects of the class.

When an unexpected snow storm causes the group to become stranded in a remote cabin, both Joe and Prudence must deal with their misgivings about their perspective pasts and their growing attraction to each other. Things really begin to heat up when the rescue helicopter rescues the children but can't make it back for Joe and Prudence until the following day.

Cathie Linz has a gift for creating a real sense of "fairy tale" romance in all of her stories. Her heroes are always confident men who can see past the obvious skin deep beauty of a woman and are looking for something more. Her heroines are common everyday women who think their hips are too wide, their nose too big or their hair the wrong color; in other words, they have the same insecurities as the reader when it comes to her looks. Ms Linz creates an emotional story that draws the reader in and has them feeling the story as well as reading it. When you finish a Cathie Linz book you will believe in the all important happily ever after and that it can happen to anyone.

Pick up a copy of Stranded With The Sergeant and you will feel the magic of a true romance.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Barbara.

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