by Barbara Freethy

March 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-41253-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Have you ever woken up disoriented and wondered where you were, but within moments of coming fully awake you remember? Now remember how those few moments of not knowing felt for you, and imagine yourself being unable to remember anything at all for days and days. Would you be able to act normal? Now add to that the stress of being told youíre a mother, and your child is missing, and that someone is trying to kill would you function at all?

The above scenario is Sarah Turnerís reality. Sarah is the heroine in the newest romantic suspense from writer Barbara Freethy. Sarah wakes in a hospital room with no memories at all. She has no idea who she is, how she came to be driving a car not registered to her, or of the danger lurking all around her.

Enter Jake Sanders who has spent the last seven months looking for Sarah and their daughter Caitlyn and Sarahís world takes on yet another dimension of which she has no memory...that of lover and mother. She has to struggle to convince both the authorities and Jake that she truly has no memory and is not playing games.

Even though Sarah is recovering from her injuries she insists that she has to be involved in finding her daughter. Soon she and Jake, while not returning to their previous involvement, realize that instead of working apart it would be more prudent to work together. As they drive the highways and byways of California the danger escalates, and itís not only Sarah or Jake who are now in danger...itís potentially anyone who might have crossed Sarahís path at any time in her life.

Ms. Freethy, wrote a story that drew me in and would not release me from its hold until I turned the last page. Silent Run starts out fast and furious and the pace continues throughout the story. I was looking for a spot where I could set the book down and walk away feeling satisfied with my reading for the day, but there just wasnít one. I had to continue to read until I had finished the entire book.

I donít keep books as a general rule, but I do have some that I would keep should I have the need, and Silent Run would have achieved that very special status of being on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Sandi.

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